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Gaining support from sponsors both in and out of the Motorsport industry is a vital component in running a professional team. We have had the privilege of working with a variety of companies over the years.


Sponsors have unique needs and requirements for promoting their brand/logo and we strictly adhere to their specific protocols for product endorsement.


We have worked long and hard to earn a reputation and branding that reflects our companies’ ideals and we know how vital it is to promote the unique qualities of our sponsors’ brands. By taking every opportunity to promote our sponsors while understanding the importance of proper handling procedures, we have built long lasting, quality relationships’.


The team’s transporter and marquee have offered added benefits for marketing and sponsor exposure. Our fully enclosed transporter offers a large surface area to display sponsor graphics. This moving billboard travels to tracks all over the country, from Auckland to Invercargill, as well as at track displays, promotional events and rider training days. This along with the team’s 50 square metre pit area marquee, offers plenty of room to display sponsor banners and other promotional material.


As we strive to give sponsors the exposure they deserve, we are confident that the high profile of the team, professionalism and rider talent, will offer greater brand recognition and sponsor visibility to a wide array of potential customers.


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